The Dental Check-Up

Regular dental check ups play an important role in the maintenance of your oral health. They allow your dentist to monitor your teeth over time and catch any small problems before they turn into large ones.

It is recommended that each patient have a check up every 6 to 12 months depending on individual circumstances.

Here at Trigger Dental we encourage visits from a young age and give instruction on brushing and flossing technique to ensure good dental health between appointments.

What to expect

During your check up, your dentist will begin by asking if you have any particular problems or concerns about your oral health. Next they assess the health of your teeth and gums with a thorough oral examination.

As a regular part of maintaining healthy teeth and gums your dentist will then perform a scale and clean on your teeth, this is to remove any tar-tar (calculus) that forms around the base of the gums that can cause gum problems.

On your initial visit (and for adults approx every three years) your dentist will suggest that you have x-rays taken to check for any holes or hidden problems between your teeth.

Lastly the check up finishes with a polish of your teeth to leave your smile feeling clean and bright.